Woody Plants

In vitro propagated material of woody trees, in contrast to seedlings, maintains selected qualities (stem form, forking, vein) in the plants.

These plants are especially interesting to forestry:

  • less plants are needed (as usual) per hectare
  • less costly to care for young plants
  • higher profit through high-quality wood can be expected
  • a high number of clones guarantees the diversity of genes

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250_ndrWhen placing your orders, please consider that in vitro production requires a certain preliminary lead time: We need to have your order until 31.08. (e.g. 2017) of one year for the delivery of hardened plants in Mai/June of the subsequent year (2018 or Wild Cherries 2019). Container plants you receive from October (2018) or Wild Cherries from October (2020).

Parts of the in vitro-material are being tested in certification trials at the moment. Our German ministry for agriculture gave the allowance to propagate them at the same time.

The following species are available at www.silvaSELECT.de, which is our sales company for woody plants.

  • Betula spp.
  • Robinia pseudoacacia
  • Fraxinus excelsior
  • Prunus avium
  • Populus spp.