Ericaceous Plants

Calluna vulgaris – heather

Calluna vulgaris, the heather, is ideal for recultivation of light soils. We isolate seeds from autochthonous stands, establish an in vitro culture and can thus produce a large number of plants regardless of the season. We guarantee genetic diversity through the vegetative reproduction of a large number of clones.

C. vulgaris often forms a symbiosis with beneficial ericoid mycorrhizal fungi. We propagate these fungi in our laboratory and inoculate the plants during hardening in our greenhouses. In autumn, only strong plants will be planted on well-prepared areas. We work together with a recultivation company that ensures professional handling.

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in vitro propagation of Calluna cuttings Recultivation with young Calluna plants propagated in vitro

Vaccinium corymbosum – blueberry

Blueberry is becoming more and more popular, at the same time the demand for an excellent fruit quality increases.
We offer all services for a successful plant production.

Our range of services includes:

  • Cultivation of mother plants
  • Variety conservation in vitro
  • Propagation of young plants
  • Mycorrhization with ericoid mycorrhiza for better plant development and health

young blueberry (Vaccinium) plants from in vitro culture