In vitro-Propagation

For more than 20 years, the tissue culture of plants has been used to vegetatively propagate material of high quality. In vitro propagation enables us to produce a high amount of constant quality plant material within a very short time.

250_birke_invitroOur products and services:

  • in vitro cultivation of your own hybrids
  • Production of young plants in vitro / ex vitro
  • Selection of high quality lines
  • Suspension cultures
  • Production of Symbionts
  • Root organ culture (Agrobacterium rhizogenes transformed) for production of secondary metabolites
  • Agricultural cultivation methods
  • In vitro Mutagenesis250_baptisia_gwh
  • Elimination of phytopathogens
  • Production of haploids
  • Protoplast cultures
  • Storing of stock plants (gene bank)
  • Polyploidization

We can propagate and harden your plants in our green houses throughout the entire year. We accomplish this through the successful use of symbiotic microorganisms.